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Tapaswiji: Saint who lived for 185 years

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A biography by T.S. Anantha Murthy

Born in 1770, Mahasamadhi in 1955

ISBN 978-81-7525-453-4, 4th edition, xvi + 416 pages, softcover, 5.5" x 8.5".

Published by Sri Vishnu Ashram Trust,
Dibbagiri Hill, Heggadihalli Post, Tubgere Hobili
Doddaballapura Taluk, Bangalore Dist.,
Karnataka. 561 203. India.

Also published in 1986 by the Dawn Horse Communion, under the title of “Maharaj.”

Born in 1770 in the royal family of Patiala, prince Krishna Singh was past 55 years old, when he embarked on his spiritual quest for the divine. He performed decades of intense tapas (penance) in the Himalayas and earned the name of Tapaswiji Maharaj. He intuited the highest levels of spiritual wisdom and reached the loftiest yogic states. He became a celebrated saint and a master of masters. In 1955 after an amazing life of 185 years, he voluntarily departed from his body in a final yogic act with AUM resonating on his lips.

From a Himalayan master he learnt the secrets of Kaya-kalpa treatment, a cellular rejuvenation process, for the rejuvenation of the human body. He went through the Kaya-kalpa treatments to regain his own youth three times. He secured the darsan of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Lord Dattatrey, Lord Parasurama, goddess Mahalakshimi and of several historic masters, sages, and personages, including Guru Nanak, Narada Maharshi, Durvasa Maharshi and Aswathama. During his long life time, he traveled all over India imparting spiritual wisdom to innumerable seekers of truth. He was established in the Self. He realized the divine play everywhere and loved everyone equally with a blissful smile. He exhibited a childlike spirit at all times, enjoying every moment.

In the 1940’s T.S. Anantha Murthy became a close disciple of Tapaswiji. As the author of this biography, he has recorded the most remarkable spiritual experiences, encounters with other masters and many other mysterious events that the saint himself revealed.

Readers of this biography will be inspired in their own spiritual efforts and elevated to higher levels of spiritual inquiry, as they will be exposed to the wondrous, spriritual realms scaled by the prince of Patiala.

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